freeradius and oracle LDAP

Allan Borman allan.borman at
Thu Aug 11 23:08:17 CEST 2005

Hi Valdimir,
Thanks for the reply.  Would it help if I send you the debug info on the
RADIUS.  If you are interested let me know.

Allan Borman.
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> Allan Borman wrote:
> > I have put together a freeradius server to authenticate users existing
> > on our oracle LDAP directory.  The issue that I have is getting the
> > passowrd from oracle.  I can probe the LDAP, get a user authorized and
> > fallback to the default for the passowrd check which is the "system".
> > It all works well.  However our LDAP uses oracle on the back end to
> > check the password.  Has anyone configured radius to do this?  I need
> > to send a request to LDAP to check the password as well.
> That is really an Oracle LDAP directory configuration issue. FreeRADIUS
> doesn't really care what the backend is. It only cares that you can do
> LDAP bind and that LDAP directory provides password hashes. For example
> I can query my OpenLDAP database and it will provide me with
> userPassword
> sambaNTPassword
> sambaLMPassword
> atrributes that I can use to authenticate past that. This is not a
> RADIUS issue. You have to configure your LDAP directory to provide you
> with the right info.
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