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San san_sar at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 16:17:43 CET 2006

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the help.
Also, what I really want to do is that I want
radclient to do calculation like in the prepaid
So, when the client receive access_accept from the
server, then it start the calculation. and after
sometime report the result to the server.
And the server will respond according to the message.
I think what i need to extend is the radclient file
into some script right? or maybe other suggestion or
other file?
And for the process interaction that i want to see
(between client and server) is for example the case of
session timeout.
How do i see if the client sending the message to the
server.How do I make untill all of these information
show in let say tcpdump.

In the debug out (when i run radiusd -X) it only

"Nothing to do.  Sleeping until we see a request."

Am I do something wrong or miss some important thing?
Fyi, I am using linux box for my client.

Many thanks for your help

--- A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk wrote:

> what exactly do you want the FreeRADIUS test client
> to do? as
> it comes, it will just take back an Accept or Reject
> response
> from the server... do you wish the client to
> actually do something
> like allow the system to be on the network? if so
> you need to wrap
> radclient into some script.... or use a proper dot1x
> client and
> set up the networking environment accordingly. to
> 'SEE' the process
> you should be looking at the logs on the server...or
> turn on the
> debugging ( eg radiusd -X ) on the server to see
> whats going on.
> alan

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