Radius says client is unknown.

Dennis Skinner dskinner at bluefrog.com
Tue Feb 27 22:55:28 CET 2007

King, Michael wrote:
> Us the locate radiusd.conf  and see all the instances.

"locate" is not a universal app.  It is only installed if your distro
installs it by default or you install it specifically.  Also, new/moved
files will not be seen by locate unless the update runs (usually in cron
at 4am, which won't happen if you happen to turn off this machine at the
end of the day).

A better solution is to use "find" which is on most systems:

find / -name <filename>


find / -name clients.conf

"man find" for more info.

Note that locate will be faster if you have locate on your system.  Just
be aware that it may not always be accurate.

"Finding" a file from the root of the filesystem on a "clean" server (ie
fresh install w/o unnecessary apps or a GUI) should be pretty quick.

Dennis Skinner
Systems Administrator
BlueFrog Internet

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