Stale session problem

Cory Robson cory at
Tue Jan 16 02:31:22 CET 2007

Further investigations into this make me believe an alternative session
script function ability is required.

Currently when you click on the stale sessions link within dialup admin it
just removes that record entirely.

Now with My upstream provider I get accounting updates every 15 mins so the
best method would be to get the start date add the last session online time
and complete the stop record based on that. If there is no session time then
wipe the record.

If the sql script was independent then for people like me who have a max
session time set for 8 hrs I could check for sessions supposedly online for
more than that period and run a cron to run the script every hour or so.

Just a thought

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Cory Robson wrote:
> Has anyone written a script or event process to monitor the update packets
> against the users apparently online and in the event that no update is
> received in a 20 min period (my updates are every 15 mins from the NAS)
> create a close session event?

  I don't think one has been written, but it shouldn't be too hard to
write something that does the proper SQL SELECTs.

  If you do write one, *please* submit it back, and we'll include it in
the next release.

  Alan DeKok.
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