problem in integeration with poptop

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Oct 17 15:56:30 CEST 2007

hadi golestani wrote:
> I know that it's taking too much , but plz accept my apologize 'cause I
> a little confused and have no time(sorry to say that and I know that
> it's not a commercial community so plz don't be angry at me).

  If cannot make the time to understand the problem and solution, you
won't be very successful in fixing it.

> I've add the below line at the top of the users file.
> root  Cleartext-Password := "myRealRootPassword"
> because this is the real root / root's password of my linux, this line
> in debug 'cause that access-accept via radtest
> modcall: entering group authenticate for request 0
>   modcall[authenticate]: module "unix" returns ok for request 0

  Then it's not using the entry you configured.

> modcall: leaving group authenticate (returns ok) for request 0
> Sending Access-Accept of id 219 to <> port 32772
> but when I've changed it to e.g. test / testpass old error occurred.

  <sigh>  You're not posting the full debug log, as suggested in the

  You're probably also massively editing radiusd.conf.  STOP IT.

  Start with the default configuration files, and follow the FAQ to add
a test account in the "users" file.  Follow the FAQ to check that the
account works, via "radtest".

  Then, login from the VPN client using that test account.

  If it doesn't work, I will be shocked.

  Again, most of the problems you see are because you are editing the
configuration without understanding what you're doing.  The default
configuration is designed to work in the widest possible set of
circumstances, with minimum changes required to get ANYTHING to work.

  I feel like putting that in letters 10 feet high in the FAQ, README,
etc.  But somehow I think there will still be people who won't bother
reading them.

  Alan DeKok.

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