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Thu Nov 20 19:30:24 CET 2008

>Except when it comes to working out the usage stats for each user at the end
>of each month.
>Its easy to do with all sessions that started in the previous month and have
>a Stop status.
>But it's difficult when a session rolled over to the next month because the
>status is Alive.
>We're trying to find a why to make FreeRadius:
>Enter a new entry into the Radacct table for a session for an Interim update
>Mark the previous session with a stop Status and update the OctetsIn and
>OctetsOut for that session with the current value.

You can't do that on the radius server. Accounting is done by the NAS
and it decides when session starts and ends - radius just receives that
information. You can do that but it will get undone when next accounting
packet with same accounting id arrives.

If you are such a nasty provider that won't allow users to roll over
unused allowance into the next period even during the existing session -
simply disconnect them at the time the counter resets (use Login-Time on
users connecting on the last day for instance). Be nasty to the end!

If you are prepared to be sensible you should try maths rather then
discontinuing sessions. Estimate the usage (if it doesn't *have* to be
exact) for the time the session run into the new period and deduct that
from the counter limit for each such user.

Or be kind to your users and - ignore it.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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