Error binding port to ipv6 address

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Am 09.02.2009 um 17:17 schrieb D'AVELLA STEFANO:

> Hello,
> I am new to Freeradius. I am running Freeradius 2.1.0 on Ubuntu  
> 8.10, built from source.
> I have already read all the documentation I could find in the  
> config files and in the wiki.
> The machine has two network interfaces, eth0 and eth1, the first  
> configured with ipv4 and the second with ipv6.
> I am interested on using freeradius with ipv6 support so I would  
> like to test it using it only on eth1 interface.
> The point of my testbed will be to define a new attribute and  
> transfer it to the client when it is authorized.
> But before  doing it I am finding some problems in opening the ip6  
> socket in the server.
> In fact I configured users and clients.conf to allow my ip6 client  
> to connect to the server, and then in the radiusd.conf file I  
> commented the ip4 listening option and uncommented the ip6 one. (I  
> also commented the accounting listening part because I am not  
> interested in it).
> The problem is that when I run the server it exits saying (last  
> lines):
>  Module: Checking session {...} for more modules to load
>  Module: Checking post-proxy {...} for more modules to load
>  Module: Checking post-auth {...} for more modules to load
>  }
> radiusd: #### Opening IP addresses and Ports ####
> listen {
>         type = "auth"
>         ipv6addr = :: IPv6 address [::]
>         port = 0

> /etc/freeradius/radiusd.conf[236]: Error binding to port for ::  
> port 1812
Be sure that no other freeradius is running and also that you have  
enough rights to open such a port.

Look in your inet.d or similar to avoid that another service is run  
instead of the planned freeradius.

> I checked if the ip6 interface is properly configured, and it seems  
> so (i can ping other ip6 nodes, and also writing another little c  
> program to bind an ip6 socket works fine)
> Changing port doesn't solve the issue.
> Commenting or uncommenting the "interface" line in radiusd.conf  
> doesn't change anything.
> Trying different types of ip6 addresses (::1, or manually assigned  
> ones) doesn't work either.
> Obviously with ip4 I don't have any kind of problem.
> I can't understand if it a freeradius configuration problem or a  
> system configuration one.
> Thank you for you help!
> Regards,
Have a nice day!

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> Stefano D'Avella
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