How to set up wireless-network-connections using WPA/WPA2 enterprise authentication?

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Fri Nov 18 09:02:55 CET 2011

Hi all.

I have posted my query at

but think that it might be more relevant at this list. Anyways, I will be
grateful for help from either side :-|

For brevity, here is the query detail ::

Hi all.

Let me confess at the beginning, that this is my first major networking
assignment; so the terminology might not be absolutely adequate. However, I
will try my level best to explain my requirements, and the steps that I
have already taken.

my motive is to allocate a network-connection on Fedora 14, using WPA/WPA2
enterprise authentication. I have a F14 base machine, and a F11
virtual-image hosted in a VirtualBox.

Now, I have been able to carry out the stages of installing, configuring
and testing a Freeradius server (which provides RADIUS authentication
protocol) using the links ::

The Freeradius server is running on my F14 machine. Also, I have been able
to carry out the testing both locally, and remotely (with the aid of F11
machine), with the Freeradius server.

Now.. comes the actual thing....
I have a router, on which I have set WPA/WPA2 enterprise authentication,
using TKIP/AES protocol. Upon rebooting the router firmware, I am no longer
able to connect (on either of F14 or F11) via the wireless interface. I am
however, able to connect (on both F14 or F11), if I connect a
two-jack-wire, with one jack into the router, and another jack on my F14
laptop (remebering that F11 is a virtually hosted image).

Now, I intend to do the testing for connecting to the network via wireless
interface. I believe ::

*a. That I continue to need the two-jack-wire, so as to provide a
network-communication medium between the router, and the Freeradius server
(which is running on my F14-laptop).

b. To actually test connecting to the network via wireless interface, I
need to somehow be able to have two connections simultaneously (one which I
already have of the wired connection).

Assuming part a. is true, how can b. be accomplished?*

I am using NetworkManager as the backend, and nm-applet as the frontend, to
manage connections.

Just for brevity, *lspci* lists two interfaces (amongst others) - one for
ethernet; other for wireless.

03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000
04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications AR8152 v1.1 Fast
Ethernet (rev c1)

So, I think, the following question summarises all my queries ::

How to have simultaneous *wired connection* and *wireless connection* on
Fedora 14?

Looking forward to some enlightenment.

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