"+=" allowed in attrs ??

Joachim Brauer jbrauer at de.ibm.com
Thu Aug 23 12:30:43 CEST 2012


I have set up a virtual server with

 authenticate {
                Auth-Type MS-CHAP {
                        update control {
                                Proxy-To-Realm := "emea_radius_servers"
        post-auth {

and the attr.filter looks like

# Joachim Brauer
"blah at blah.de"
   cisco-avpair := "ip:inacl#0=permit ip any",
   cisco-avpair += "ip:inacl#1=permit ip any",
   cisco-avpair += "ip:inacl#2=deny ip any any"

However when debugging I see that the 1st cisco-avpair line is processed 
and sent to the NAS and the following 2 lines are NOT sent by freeradius
My question now: is += not allowed in attrs ? or am I doing s.th. wrong 
here ?
Purpose is to enrich the RADIUS response with per user cisco-avpair 
freeradius version is 2.1.12 on RHEL 6.

Thanks for any help.


Joachim (JoB) Brauer
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