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I am troubleshooting potential issues on a WiMax system.  Typically we have
the FR server on a LAN link but some customers have WAN links.   My thought
is disconnects on a re-auth session causing outages.


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On 13/12/12 15:43, David Peterson wrote:
> Hmm so if say the wireless inserted 55-65ms of latency and we have 
> another 50ms of WAN latency it could cause some real issues with EAP.

It shouldn't cause issues - but you will observe the latency (as well
clients when authenticating).

Most EAP timers are on the order of seconds, not sub-second. Just be aware
of the various timers, and don't tune them aggressively.

Obviously if you can co-locate a RADIUS server with the NAS, this is
preferable. Clearly not possible for eduroam, but if you have the option.

What kind of deployment are you doing?
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