Next release of the server?

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jan 6 15:06:59 CET 2012

John Dennis wrote:
> This then begs the question: What are the support plans for 2.x once 3.x
> is released?

  2.2.x will be marked "stable" and "long term support", just like
1.1.x.  The 1.1.x releases will no longer be supported for *anything*.
2.0 was released 4 years ago.  There is no reason for anyone to be
running 1.x.

> There is going to be a period of time where 2.x deployments will
> continue to exist and folks will not want to experience the pain and
> disruption of upgrading to the new 3.x version. What will happen when
> problems are discovered in the last 2.x release?

  People can submit patches to fix them.  Or, perhaps they can purchase
a support contract to help fund continuing development.

> Will they be fixed and
> a new 2.x released in parallel with 3.x or will folks be told their only
> option is to perform a 2.x to 3.x version upgrade?

  What happened with 1.x and 2.x?

  Alan DeKok.

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