How to fix the proxy source port

Okis Chuang okischuang at
Mon Apr 29 03:32:27 CEST 2013

<quote author='Alan DeKok-2'>

Okis Chuang wrote:

> Can I FIX the source port rather than random src port when proxy request

> to other RADIUS server?


> I know it is able to fix src IP address in proxy.conf, but seems no

> config about fixed src port.


> What if I set  " src_ipaddr = " in proxy.conf, could this

> work?




  >>Read proxy.conf.  Look for "src_ipaddr".  This is documented.


  >>Alan DeKok.


        Yeah.Actually I almost k knew it that I cannot achieve this hope
while seeing the document.

        But.I just want to know is there any other way to get this done? 

        I know this demand is not too much common. But it's really a real
demand in our case.

        Any idea?



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