2.2.0 & dhcp: regression

Eugene Grosbein fr at grosbein.net
Fri Jul 12 13:26:31 CEST 2013

On 12.07.2013 18:10, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Eugene Grosbein wrote:
>> Forgot to mention that operating system's open files limit for freeradius is over 11000.
>> And file descriptors are numbered starting from zero, so descriptor 1024 is really 1025th.
>> radiusd works fine until it has descriptors 0-1023 only and breaks with creation
>> of descriptor 1024: it stops calling perl routing post_auth and thus,
>> processing of DHCP requests ceases.
>   The server has no limits on the number of sockets it can use.  That is
> all enforced by the OS.

Extra sockets got opened just fine, I see that with lsof/fstat here.

>   Or, maybe there's an issue with Perl.

2.1.12 has not this issue with same Perl.

>   I would also check why you need 1000 threads.  That's a lot.  Maybe
> it's that your Perl script is slow.  Or, your database is slow.

Yes, that's a lot. That reflects high load we may have.
We do not want to queue requests that may be processed in parallel.

>   I'd also suggest skipping syslog in Perl.  The server has a "linelog"
> module, which can do logging to syslog.  Just put the log messages into
> an attribute, and let the linelog module handle it.

We use syslogd's facility to send logs to remote log collectors
using traditional syslog protocol (udp/514). Can "linelog" module do that?

Eugene Grosbein

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