Release of Version 2.2.1

John Dennis jdennis at
Fri Mar 8 20:25:55 CET 2013

On 03/07/2013 12:22 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
>    It's been a while since Version 2.2 was released, so it's time for the
> next release.
>    I'd like to fix the reported memory leak issue, and then release it
> later next week.  The changes are minor, and mostly cleanups and bug fixes.
>    Please let me know if there are any issues.

Yes, one just came up. We've never been able to ship a devel package 
that installs the header files because of multilib conflicts. A multilib 
conflict occurs when arch specific packages (i.e. i686 vs. x86-64) 
contain arch independent files which differ between arches (i.e. header 
files). In other words the header files can't differ between i686 and 

My recollection is there was just one or two issues that arose because 
configure generates a header file with a few defines specifying the size 
of an int or some such. This wiki page explains some of the issues.

Anyway, I just got a request to start shipping a -devel package, but 
it's much easier to make the necessary minor tweaks upstream to get rid 
of the conflicts. So it would be great if we could get this into the git 
repo before 2.2.1 goes out the door. I think the fix is fairly minor.

Since this just came up about 5 minutes ago I don't have all the details 
at hand or a patch yet, but I'll do that soon.

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