Freeradius 3.0.4 DHCP MYSQL MAC Auth dhclient

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Sep 21 18:14:11 CEST 2014

bubulak at wrote:
> Hi,
> i am sorry for that. I was not sure what i am doing wrong. It is look's
> like problem on isc dhclient (4.2.2) program which is no accept DHCP
> OFFER from freeradius DHCP Server (dhclient end's with "No DHCPOFFERS
> received."
>  and packet ispection says that DHCP Offer packet arrived). So i
> compared packets between freeradius with dhcpcd5 and isc-dhcpd with isc
> dhclient.
> DHCP discover look same on both pairs. In DHCP Offer is differences in
> Next Server IP Address and DSCP. Freeradius send's IP of DHCP server and
> DSCP 0x00. ISC send's IP and DSCP is 0x04.

  The DSCP value shouldn't matter.  And what's the "next server IP
address" option?  Do you mean "OPTION:  54 (  4) Server identifier" ?

> Its look same as in thread here
> .
> Honestly i don't know if is bug. Can you please direct me how to debug
> this problem?

  Post information which is USEFUL.  Posting huge logs with a comment of
"it doesn't work" is useless.  Posting nearly content-free comments is
useless, too.

  WHAT DOES ISC DHCP produce?  You don't say.  And don't just dump a
packet, point to WHICH FIELDS are different.  And include the WHOLE
PACKET, including ethernet and IP layers.

  Then, do the same thing for FreeRADIUS.

  When you make it hard for us to see what's going on, you make it hard
for us to help you.

  Describe CLEARLY what is going wrong.  Be SPECIFIC.

  Alan Dekok.

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