HOW TO WIRED 802.1x FreeRadius RHEL6 configuration for Dummies?

Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Sat Nov 7 13:46:38 CET 2015

On Fri, Nov 06, 2015 at 06:59:04PM -0500, lux xul wrote:
> brand New to linux and freeradius, networking. Im winging it as best I can.

Something to learn at the start then: you'll get a bit more
credibility if you don't hide behind anonymous e-mail addresses
and name.

> Linux System Admin Dropdown with INSTALLED filter shows: freeRadius
> 2.2.6-6.el6_7(x86_64)
> Command line "radiusd -v" shows "freeRadius version 3.0.8"
> Confused. I downloaded the RHEL6 compatible 2.2.6 RPM and installed it
> using yum. That was what I THOUGHT I was working with. I also ran Yum and
> updated the servers database, etc.

If you're using a supported distribution like RedHat and their
packages don't seem right, then you should ask them.

> Question 1: Are freeradius RPM files labeled differently than freeRadius
> installation versions? Meaning a 2.2.6.el6_7 RPM can actually be the binary
> of a freeRadius version 3.0.8?

Red Hat don't do stupid things like that, thankfully. So you need
to check what you actually installed. You've probably got a local
install being picked up rather than the packaged version.

If you're starting from new, go for 3.0.x. Version 2 is EOL.

> Now, it may be my lack of experience and lack of linux/networking
> understanding, but I cannot confidently follow tutorials that are not in
> sync with my linux/wired only limitations, especially when written with
> certain assumptions of a knowledge / experience base/vocabulary that I do
> not possess at this time.

RADIUS/EAP for wired and wireless is essentially the same.

> Question 2: Is there any available how to guide that may prove more basic
> and "for dummies" that I may use to step through a freeRadius/802.1x/Wired
> only/RHEL linux Only process?

Follow a wireless guide. It will work. Just the switch config will
be different from an AP config.


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