Recommanded way to display properties for a given user ?

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Sep 14 15:45:24 CEST 2018

On Sep 14, 2018, at 9:20 AM, Olivier <oza.4h07 at> wrote:
> I've just discovered radmin and its capabilty to display clients list and
> details.

  It is a very useful tool.

> Is there a way a way to get the same kind of display but for configured
> Users (ie entries that can be configured in /etc/freeradius/3.0/users file)
> as those entries can inherit properties from several sources (Groups,
> default values, various backends, ...) ?

  No, sorry.  We're looking at adding more capabilities in v4.

  Since the user information is already on disk, it's less important to export that via radmin.  In contrast, you can have dynamic clients, which exist only in memory.  So it's more important to be able to see those in radmin.

> If I'm not mistaken, /var/log/syslog nor /var/log/freeradius/radius.log do
> not print such detailed data when freeradius daemon is launched with -x
> option.

  The server does *not* dump out all that information.  For good reason.  People have "users" files which are tens of thousands of lines long.

  Why is it important to see that information in radmin?  Why not just look at the configuration files?

  If you want to see how a user is configured, use "raddebug". That shows you how a users authentication request is processed.  *Nothing* else will get you all of the information about a particular user.

  Alan DeKok.

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