Freeradius with EAP and LDAP

Juntunen, Jarkko jarkko.juntunen at
Thu Dec 19 18:50:09 CET 2019

> > So, that means It'll be also impossible to authenticate with Freeradius
> and
> LDAP-server in case in question, if Meraki (Cisco) wifi-endpoints can only
> use EAP-MSCHAP authentication? Did I got this right?

 > No, that's not what the web page says.
 > This isn't a limitation of FreeRADIUS.  It's how the protocols are
designed.  *All* RADIUS servers have the same issue.
 > And the solution is the same in all cases.  Make sure that the LDAP
server has a Cleartext-Password or NT-Password available.
 > Which is exactly what the web page says.  I shouldn't need to re-type it
in an email message.

 > Alan DeKok.

Doesn't meant to criticise Freeradius. Jus want to know is there a way to
get this working or am I banging my head for nothing.

So, If we have Cleartext-passwords or NT-passwords available for users in
our LDAP-server should it work then, or is there still something to
configure on Freeradius side?


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