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Am Fr, 20.12.2019 um 18:05 schrieb Anton Kiryushkin <swood at>:

> > > Yes, I can, but you didn't answer the question: does it possible
> > > to run exec and use generated code during the authorisation?  
> >
> >   I did answer the question.  Please pay attention.
> >
> >   You can run the "exec" module anywhere.  Just list it in the
> > "authorize" section.  That's done for ANY module.
> >  
> Yes, again, but I can't trigger it in advance in order to send the OTP
> code. I hoped on a miracle. Merry Christmas!

I don't think that's possible. When you see a packet in FR the ASA
already sent the auth-request so you can't have the just created SMS
TAN in it -- so the first request hast to fail somehow, tell the ASA to
ask again, now hopefully with the correct TAN in the password. I
wouldn't like such a solution :). There should be some outband-way to
request a TAN.

Also your SMS-solution might by easily abused but just sending many
auth-requests to the VPN.


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