Radius eap- tls certificate failure

Dominique der dderweduwe at outlook.com
Tue Jan 29 15:10:52 CET 2019

I keep getting the same error message:

eap_tls: ERROR: TLS alert: fatal : bad certificate
eap_tls: ERROR: failed in __FUNCTION__ (SSL_read): error 14094412:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes: sslv3 alert bad certificate
eap_tls: ERROR: System call (I/O) error (-1)
eap_tls: ERROR: TLS receive handshake failed during operation
eap_tls: ERROR: [eaptls process] = fail
eap_tls: ERROR: failed continuing EAP TLS (13) session. EAP sub module failed.

The other camera works fine, I made the certificates the same way, I need to create an CSR in the camera, it is all identical.

Regards Dominique

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