What is the current status and roadmap for FreeRadius?

Matthew Newton mcn at freeradius.org
Fri Mar 15 20:24:30 CET 2019

On Fri, 2019-03-15 at 14:47 -0400, Joshua Marshall wrote:
> We're implementing stuff with FreeRadius
> and are having to abuse it in a few unorthodox ways.

Maybe it might help to explain what you think you're having to do that
abuses it to get it to do what you want?

> Config files with silent errors or misconfigurations

The config files allow you to add your own options, and then use them
in the rest of the config, so of course that's silent and not a
misconfiguration. If you misconfigure it in other ways, well, that's
hardly our fault.

> using what seems to be undocumentd interactions with LDAP to handle
> passwords securely

Like? Examples help.

> challenges which feel like they're from a bygone era.

A lot of authentication methods _are_ from a bygone era. There's not a
lot you can do about that. e.g. Nobody would start with MSCHAPv2 now
for wireless auth, but it's about the only common thing everyone's
supported for years, so we're stuck with it until the world moves
forward. Which it does, but only very slowly.

Other stuff? What exactly?

> why not switch the codebase to C++ which has wrapped up much of the
> threading and modularization work already and has a number of good
> libraries to handle networking?  Why not use Antlr4 to run your
> grammars and make start and runtime problems more apparent as well as
> providing a more robust parsing method?

Why not spend years converting it yourself if you think it's going to
make everything that much easier.

> What we are really feeling over here is a lack of modern behavior and
> features.  Which isn't just one thing, but an enormous amount of work
> and polish.

This sort of statement isn't helpful.

*What* behaviour do you think is wrong? What features are lacking?
Maybe try the v4 codebase and see if the things you want are there.

There's a *lot* of work, and not many contributors. It's an open source
project, feel free to help out, make constructive suggestions, fill out
the documentation or update things that are getting old, code up
features that are missing.

You're obviously upset about something, but I can't work out what.
Maybe if you're stuck on a technical problem, ask a good question about
how to solve it and people will help, or they'll let you know if it's a
new feature coming in v4, or if it's something that's not actually


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