Cache errors(?) - single device

Marcin Marszałkowski m.marszal at
Wed Sep 11 20:26:04 CEST 2019

> Alan DeKok <aland at> w dniu 11.09.2019, o godz. 18:24:
> Then the question of "why are the replies different?" is answered in the debug output.  Which means I'm surprised that the question was asked.

„Why…” I meant to find the underlying root cause of this particular problem. I’m not developer - just  a user and debug info is not as clear to me as is to you.

>  Did you edit the "store" subsection to list attributes for it to cache?  As documented ... ?

I’ve read on wiki rlm_eap description and there’s nothing about caching. The only thing I adhered to was description in eap config file
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about „store” subsection.
Did you mean similar problem asked about in ?
If so, how to set caching AVP’s?
I thought Cached-Session-Policy is set from the Access-Accept reply...


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