core dumps not working on FreeBSD host

Marek Zarychta zarychtam at
Wed Mar 4 21:11:42 CET 2020

W dniu 05.02.2020 o 19:20, Alan DeKok pisze:
> On Feb 5, 2020, at 12:17 PM, Marek Zarychta <zarychtam at> wrote:
>> Running radiusd -X and going through debug output I found these lines:
>> Changing value of PR_DUMPABLE not supported on this system
>> Core dumps are enabled
>> Which probably according to
>> mean that core dumps are not really supported while running FreeRADIUS
>> on this OS ?
>   I suppose not.  We don't currently had a FreeBSD system for testing.  I'm sure it's fixable, but it means spending some time trying to understand what we need to do.
>   Alan DeKok.
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Dear FreeRadius users and other subscribers of the list, especially
those running FreeRADIUS on FreeBSD  

To close the case I owe you a bit of explanation. FreeRADIUS run on
FreeBSD permits to create core dumps, respects "allow_core_dumps"
setting in radius.conf but requires radiusd to be run with uid and gid 0
which I was not aware of blindly relying on kern.sugid_coredump
setting=1. So getting core dumps for FreeBSD was available from the
beginning, though it was not documented. The culprit of not getting
these dumps was the fact of running radiusd with uid=133(freeradius)
gid=133(freeradius), which is a typical setting. To clarify this I want
to assure you that running daemons with effective uid/gid > 0 doesn't
prevent them from creating such dumps when sysctl kern.sugid_coredump is
set to 1. FreeRADIUS seems to be exceptional in this case.

Anyway, I have sorted this out a few weeks ago but so far I wasn't able
to reproduce the original error which initiated the investigation.

I am really grateful for your assistance and support, especially for
Jorge's help.

Marek Zarychta

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