Configuring PAP authentication

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Wed Dec 15 15:33:04 CET 2021

** Configuring PAP authentication
The first step to getting any authentication working in FreeRADIUS is to configure PAP (Password Authentication Protocol), or clear-text passwords. Even though most deployments will end up using additional authentication protocols, PAP is the simplest and easiest to configure, which makes it the perfect place to start. And as we will see, once PAP is configured, many other authentication protocols become simple, too.

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** What is the relationship between Network RADIUS and FreeRADIUS?
FreeRADIUS is an open source implementation of the RADIUS protocol and was written by Alan DeKok in 1999.

Network RADIUS is a private, for-profit company founded by Alan DeKok which provides commercial support for FreeRADIUS. The Network RADIUS team has been the primary contributor to FreeRADIUS for the last 20 years. The FreeRADIUS mailing list, wiki, and documentation are all moderated and maintained by the Network RADIUS team.

FreeRADIUS has always been, and will always continue to be, open source. The Network RADIUS team provides commercial support to paying clients, and free product development for the FreeRADIUS community at large.

All of our software development for FreeRADIUS is integrated into the Open Source platform, and will always continue to be.

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