sqlippool and exhausted pool

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Wed Jul 21 14:31:34 CEST 2021

On Jul 21, 2021, at 8:07 AM, Mirko Alberio <mirko.alberio at telemar.it> wrote:
> So now because of the misconfiguration of the NAS I have IPs in the radippool table assigned to users not existing anymore in the radius tables (users that ceased the service) with expiry_time in the past.

  Again, FreeRADIUS has no idea if the user is online or not.  The only way that FreeRADIUS knows, is if the NAS sends it packets.

  There is no magic here.  There's no need to worry about the FreeRADIUS behavior, or database tables, or whatever.

  Everything in the radacct database comes from the NAS.  If the database isn't updated, then the NAS isn't sending packets to update it.

> If I update those users NAS and add the interim-update, should those record be cleared?

  If the NAS sends packets saying that the user is offline, then the user records will be cleared.

  If the NAS reboots, it sends an accounting "on" or "off" packet, and *all* records for users on that NAS will be cleared.

  You can go clear the records manually by editing the SQL database yourself.  But if the user is still online, the NAS (may) eventually send a packet, and the record will be created.

  Stop worrying about the database, and go check if the user is still online.  If the user is still online, then kick him off.  And the NAS should send an accounting "stop" packet.

  If the NAS never sends a "stop" packet for a user session, well, it's either garbage, or misconfigured.

> And, speaking of expiry_time: what is in that case the best pratice, together with the 10 minutes interim-time? One hour (the default value) would be fine? Thanks!

  It's up to you.  How long should the users stay online?

  That's the expiry time.

  Alan DeKok.

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