segmentation violation

Franro Paxton franro at
Tue Sep 7 16:31:40 CEST 2021

   Hi Alan,
   This is the first time I'm using this method of troubleshooting, if you
   can just point me in the right direction, where is the documentation
   you would like me to follow/read and I'll try and explain it better in
   a way you can understand and help.


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   >   There's not really much to it.
     Then there's no solution.
     The reason we write documentation is that we hope people will read
   it.  The documentation includes instructions on how to get additional
   >   After I did some googling all I could find is what the error means
   >   no clear explanation as to why it happened.
     i.e. "I refuse to follow the documentation, but I will look up random
   nonsense on the internet".
     Either follow the documentation, or understand that it is impossible
   for us to help you.
     Alan DeKok.
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