Networkradius packages for freeradius-3.0.22-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

Clive Allen cliveallen0907 at
Wed Sep 8 12:43:48 CEST 2021

   > I have created the new baseURL with
   > [1]
   > and, in fact, if I go the URL sure enough, there is version 3.0.22.
   > However, again, when I try to list
   > freeradius (yum list freeradius) I only get 3.0.23 in the listing. If
   > try to install via the actual version
   > name then I get a yum response of "it cannot be found, nothing to
   > This is really frustrating as version 3.0.22 is at the URL, as you
   > rightly state, but it simply will not
   > show in any listing.
   > I also tried the yum install direct from the URL to bypass the repo
   > file, with no luck either. I do not
   > want to go down the manual route of rpm installation as I am not
   > expert with Linux as yet
   > and will more than likely mess it up. Any further help would be
   > appreciated.

   >>i.e. people are paying you to do FreeRADIUS work, but you want us to
   work for you, for free.
   >>a) build 3.0.22 yourself. It isn't difficult. After all, all of the
   source is online.
   >>b) download 3.0.22 manually, and manually install it on the customer
   >>c) ask RedHat how yum works.
   >>When students ask on Stack Overflow how to do their networking
   assignments, the response is "do your own work". Something similar
   applies here.
   >>Alan DeKok.

   Hi Alan,

   Since where have I asked for anyone to complete any work for me?
   I simply asked if anyone had seen this issue before where the baseurl
   in the repo is correct, the URL for that baseurl shows
   3.0.22 as well as many others.
   When I complete the command yum --showduplicates list freeradius it
   shows version 3.0.22 in the listing yet when I use yum list and
   yum install, all that appears to be available is 3.0.23.

   I do not require any or ask for any help with regarding to building
   something from scratch. If that is the process I end up
   having to use then so be it, and as you state, there is plenty of docs
   online to help with that. It is just a process I do not want
   to utilise when the yum repo should show 3.0.22 as an available

   I know how yum works and how to build a repo, what I have never
   completed before is a freeradius + dependencies build from scratch.
   That is a learnable process.
   So, the question, put in more simple terms is: "Has anyone seen this
   issue before and what was the way around it"?

   If no-one has seen this issue then that is all good too. My assumption
   was that this mailing group could be utilised to ask
   such a question. If that is not what this mailing group is about then
   maybe it should cease, as I am sure the answer to any
   question asked in this group is resolvable with some googling and

   Thanks Matthew for the help and Alan for the A) B) and C) options.



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