Need custom attribute for mark session contains free data consumption policy

Matthew Newton mcn at
Thu Mar 23 10:21:25 UTC 2023

On 23/03/2023 09:46, Imdad Hasan wrote:
> Which FreeRADIUS attribute I can use to mark the session contains a free
> data consumption policy, meaning I want to set one attribute with value for
> the mark session for any reason like free data or expired subscriber. and
> also want that attribute in accounting packet.

You can't just choose some attribute that FreeRADIUS knows about. You 
need to look at your NAS documentation and find out what attributes it 

If you have NASes from multiple manufacturers, or even different models 
from the same manufacturer, then you will very possibly need to send 
back different attributes, depending on the NAS in question.


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